Breasts and Blouses: How to match them most perfectly?

Published: 15th September 2008
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Breasts and Blouses: How to match them most perfectly?

Comfortable Blouses for Beautiful Breasts

This is not a problem with those who wish to wear shirts or loose blouses. Breasts are very beautiful but intricate parts of a woman; they needs due care and attention while making a protective clothing for them. Women's blouses should be beautifully tailored and at the same time, the blouses should give comfort to the body. Women's blouses are made with an idea to cover the essential portions of the breasts.

Loose Blouses Exhibits

To a certain extent, the idea will turn to act disapprovingly when the on lookers wishes to sneak the beautiful breasts in what you call down blouses, loose blouses or unbuttoned blouses. The women too wish to make a show off their hidden treasures willingly. They express that they wish to dress up the beautiful breasts with clothing; however it has become a fashion to make certain allowance to exhibit the real beauty to the on lookers or well wishers in a crowd.

Tight Fitting Blouses

When it is perfect-in the sense that the blouses are tight enough to hold the breasts in firm position on the woman's body, they make a show differently. The breasts are now closed by a perfectly stitched tight blouse but made to appear with their contours. It is not a transparent blouse but a blouse made with well textured nice clothing. It is the tailoring expertise that makes the contours admirable by the woman wearing the blouse and also the women who look up on with a feeling of resentment. It is needless here to say that they too will desire to wear such blouses to uphold their beautiful breasts.

Breasts Vary Very Much

There are women having small breasts or bigger boobs with various sizes of nipples. We should not think that these things do not matter in blouse making. A perfect fitting blouse is not an easy job with such natural big breasts. Women opt for breast enhancement by natural means or by pills, oil massages, breast implants, breast enlargement, and breast augmentation by surgery or such medical practices.

Comfort to Breasts Primary

In such cases, the women's breasts need enough care and support by making suitable dresses to bring aesthetics and comforts while wearing. Here a tight fitting blouse becomes secondary, but the comfort becomes primary consideration.

There is a need for tight fitting perfect blouses for the youthful women. The women with modified breast structures will need blouse with ease and comfort. Thus, to make it attractive and comfortable, the dress making system should follow a scientific way.

Measure Breasts More Scientifically

The boutiques should follow a standard to measure the breasts and their positions on the body so that the final blouses adhere to the surfaces. Skin tight blouses are surprisingly more comfortable in moving the hands and shoulders. Blouses made with soft fabrics will help yielding comfort to the soft and tender modified breasts.

Bras to Uphold breasts' Beauty

Similarly the bras play a vital role in supporting the breasts of any kind, soft and tender, firm and bold, enhanced by massages and reduced by surgeries. The size, shape and kind of materials used in bras will take care of the beauty of the breasts. The bras give a definition to the blouse structures as they confirm the sizes and shapes of the contouring breasts.

Relationship between Body- Breasts-Bra- Blouses

The grown up girls and women should be taught to find correct size bra for their breasts more scientifically. The boutique staffs will guide them to measure the body and cup sizes and to reach to the right kind and size of bras. These measurements become the guidelines to make the perfect blouses. Hence it is a relationship between the body, breasts, bra and the blouse with the contours that makes the dressing a sense of comfort and attraction. It is perfecting blouse that gives more comfort than the loose blouses or shirts. Hence learning further about the bodily structures and tailoring technology is a boon to dress making industry.

Make Perfect Blouses to Matching with the Breasts to make them more beautiful.

The author, Pnk guru is a Fashion Designer with 10 years of experience, now writes on the intricate details of a subject most liked by the men and women of this beautiful world.


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